Friday, November 20, 2009

Official forum accounts

These are my official account on the following forums:

Gamerzplanet, Elitepvpers, Descipe, Pinoynyakers, pinoyhackers:


That's barny21 without an e. There's someone claiming to be me and selling my piece. It's not me and I don't have any plans of selling anything.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Special Force PH Public wallhack V 0.6.02



1. Fixed head colors bug.
2. Added new wallhack color Red/yellow

Download link:


1. Open Omega Injector.exe
2. Press load files and find WH0.6.02free.dll
3. CHECK "Enable auto-inject"
4. Put specialforce.exe on "Process name"
5. Log-in
6. A pop-up should appear with "Ayos!..." if injection is succesful. Press OK.

I was banned from GzP. Can you believe that?

Special Force PH Public wallhack d3d

My very own wallhack for special for Special Force Philippines. I'm releasing this version because one dll with no protection was leaked and is being sold. I don't want my hack used for scams and such. I'm not selling my wallhacks so if you bought this, you were ripped off.



Tested for Special Force Philippines
Windows XP SP3

Roverturbo, learn_more for their great source and support.
fatboy88 for the first source
the1fear for the very helpful tutorial
sucrose for some of the modelrecs
everyone else at UC!
me for everything else.

1. Inject
2. Read pop-up
3. Use arrowkeys or hotkeys to change option. press [INSERT] to hide menu.

If there's no pop-up before sf loads, install

This software is provided to you as is.
By using this software, you agree to free the
 author of any liability, direct or implied.
Use at your own risk.
Intended for educational purposes only.
No commercial value.

Special force wallhack hack d3d wh
soldier front wallhack hack d3d wh

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mulan Character and Equipment texnums, vertices, primitives

(texnum==11800126)||// MULAN Left Boot
(texnum==12100180)||// MULAN Hands
(texnum==29900452)||// MULAN Legs
(texnum==12400126)||// MULAN Right Boot
(texnum==29500482)||// MULAN Chest
 (texnum==47400728)||// MULAN Head
(texnum==16000174)||// MULAN Battle Suit Arms
 (texnum==11600128)||// MULAN Battle Suit Boots
(texnum==39900532)||// MULAN Battle Suit Legs
(texnum==40200580)||// MULAN Battle Suit Chest
(texnum==16200200)||// MULAN Battle Cap
(texnum==12000188)||// MULAN Boonie Hat
 (texnum==16700276)||// MULAN Helmet
(texnum==10800198)||// MULAN Beret
(texnum==51200728)||// MULAN Gas Mask
 (texnum==79000881)||// MULAN Clan BDU #1
(texnum==900008)||// MULAN Clan BDU #2
 (texnum==61900800)||// MULAN Bulletproof Vest
(texnum==10200170)||// MULAN Elbow Protector
(texnum==12500102)||// MULAN Holster (texnum==7400098)||// MULAN Pouch

credits: sucrose, owner of

Lines from the movie "The Invasion"

The scene:

Carol (Kidman) is having a dinner with Ben (Craig) and his friends. A friend of Ben's, Yorish, started a conversation and they had a very interesting one. I just can't help but quote some of them.

"... A veneer of civility hides our true self-interests. "

" I say that civilization is an illusion,a game of pretend.
What is real is the fact that we arestill animals, driven by primal instincts. "

"To be honest, ambassador, when someone starts talking to me about the truth...

...I hear what they tell me about themselves...... more than what they say about the world."

" All I am saying is that civilization crumbles whenever we need it most.

In the right situation... we are all capable of the most terrible crimes.

To imagine a world where this was not so...
where every crisis did not result in new atrocities...

where every newspaper is not full of war and violence...

Well, this is to imagine a world where human beings cease to be... human. "

Carol's rebuttal:
"While I'll give you that we still retain some basic animal instincts... must admit we're not the same animal we were a few thousand years ago.
True. Read Piaget or Kohlberg... ...or Maslow, Graves, Wilber,
and you'll see we're still evolving. Our consciousness is changing.
Five hundred years ago, postmodern feminists didn't exist...
...yet one sits right beside you today.
While that fact may not undo all the terrible things that have been done in this world... least it gives me reason to believe one day things may be different. "

Ain't that nice? I think it's neat.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kernel Mode Hooking.

I want to hook SendInput in kernel mode. The reason for this is that SendInput in user mode is blocked by gameguard and I'm making a text macro for a gameguard protected game. I've tried doing a trampoline but no luck.

TAGS: sendinput, win32k.sys, kernel hooking

Thursday, October 22, 2009


If you care about about your data, they better not be in one place. "Set it and forget it" is a terrible philosophy.

It only takes a single second, some would argue a micro-second, to wipe an entire hard drive. Without the need for electromagnetic pulses or an indust

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

C++/CLI Property Data Types

Why isn't the code below working

[ConfigurationPropertyAttribute("FromDate", IsRequired=false)]
property DateTime^ FromDate
DateTime^ get() { return (DateTime^)this["FromDate"]; }
void set(DateTime^ value) { this["FromDate"] = value; }

[ConfigurationPropertyAttribute("ToDate", IsRequired=false)]
property DateTime^ ToDate
DateTime^ get() { return (DateTime^)this["ToDate"]; }
void set(DateTime^ value) { this["ToDate"] = value; }

while the one below does:

[ConfigurationPropertyAttribute("FromDate", IsRequired=false)]
property DateTime FromDate
DateTime get() { return (DateTime^)this["FromDate"]; }
void set(DateTime^ value) { this["FromDate"] = value; }

[ConfigurationPropertyAttribute("ToDate", IsRequired=false)]
property DateTime ToDate
DateTime get() { return (DateTime^)this["ToDate"]; }
void set(DateTime^ value) { this["ToDate"] = value; }

Floods at Metro Manila, worst in 20 years.

Amf. Di ko akalain babahain kami dito. 3 years na ko nangungupahan dito sa pasay ngayun lang bumaha dito. AT HANGGANG TUHOD PA, sa magallanes mrt daw hanggang dibdib! lalangoy ka hahaha! amf.

neways, musta na kayo mga batchmate ko sa Roosevelt College Rodriguez, our beloved school we learn and grow? mayaman na ba kayu???? bigyan nyo ko trabaho? yung petiks>???

nga pala, I'm looking for a book, baka may makita kayo sa bangketa o meron kayu pero sinukuan nyo na bibilin ko sa inyo at 80%/50% orig price. eto sila:

Title: Pro Visual C++CLI and the .NET 3.5 Platform
Author: Stephen R. G. Fraser
ISBN: 978-1-4302-1053-5


Title: Pro Visual C++CLI and the .NET 2.0 Platform
Author: Stephen R. G. Fraser
ISBN: 1-59059-640-4


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wrap an Adobe Acrobat 7 Application inside a tab control.

I'm currently studying how to wrap an Adobe Acrobat 7 Pro application in a tab control. No luck yet.


Found candidate at . Testing now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Smart Bro Plan 999 now 1mpbs (formerly 512kbps)

Now that my crappy 250 kbps capped Sun Broadband Wireless is terminated, I'm looking for a new ISP. I was checking Smart Bro's website for their plans and guess what, their fixed wireless broadband (plan 999) is now burstable up to 1mbps! The last time I checked, at the beginning of August maybe, this plan only had a maximum burst speed of 512kbps only. Now that's a sweet deal if you know people near you are getting good service. Just remember, like any other ISPs, Smart bro has a few quirks and unsatisfied customers and it's wireless so be prepared. So it's always best to know a person who has hands-on experience as a basis whether an ISP delivers or not.

Really, I was disappointed with my former ISP, Sun Broadband Wireless. They were delivering 2mbps most of the time from January until the last week of May then it dropped to 640kbps(even off peak hours) then to 250 kpbs. That's really unacceptable since they are giving upload speeds of 350 kbps. Their throttling of the promised 2mbps down to 250kbps is simply absurd.

But, even if after the warning I gave yo and you're still really eager to get Sun Broadband Wireless, I suggest you read the feedbacks at then reconsider twice, then thrice.

fatal error C1093: API call 'ImportFile' failed '0x80070003' : ErrorMessage: The system cannot find the path specified.

If you encounter this error when compiling a c++ source, then you probably moved you're project from one computer to another and you're using precompiled headers. To fix this problem, simply delete the stdafx.obj in the Release or Debug folder of your project.


You can also solve this problem by going to the Build Menu > Clean Solution.

Philippines fell from Rank 71 to 87 in the Global Competitiveness Index

The Philippines fell from rank 71 to 87 out of 133 economies listed in the Global Competitiveness Report . The Global Competitiveness Report is a yearly report published by the World Economic Forum. The report "assesses the ability of countries to provide high levels of prosperity to their citizens. This in turn depends on how productively a country uses available resources. Therefore, the Global Competitiveness Index measures the set of institutions, policies, and factors that set the sustainable current and medium-term levels of economic prosperity."

Let's hope that the upcoming elections would improve the country's economic standing.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Acrobat::AcroApp::GetPreference(short nType)

What the hell is nType? I wonder. I looked at the Acrobat IAC documentation and it pointed me to the Acrobat and PDF Library API Reference. Guess what, nType isn't even there. Instead, GetPreference's parameter isn't a short but an AVPrefTypes. I looked at the definition of AVPrefTypes and it gave me...... Nothing. All it had in the AVPrefTypes is:

typedef ASUns8 AVPrefsType
A structure containing values that specfiy the Acrobat viewer's preferences settings. Can contain up to
255 entries.

Related Methods:
AVAppSetPreference Bit-flag ASUns32 constants for use with AVDocPrintParams.

Really. LOL. What kind of documentation is that? Acrobat SDK might have the worst the documentation ever. I had to look in the header just to find out what the hell AVPrefsType is. The header containing AVPrefType seems to be located in the header file AVPrefsD.h

Below is the contents of AVPrefsD.H which can be found in \Adobe Acrobat 7.0.5 SDK\PluginSupport\Headers\API\

Scroll down and Look for the RED text for something hilarious. I couldn't have imagine that I'll find this in the documentation of some big shot company. LOL.



Copyright (C) 1996-2003 Adobe Systems Incorporated
All rights reserved.

NOTICE: Adobe permits you to use, modify, and distribute this file
in accordance with the terms of the Adobe license agreement
accompanying it. If you have received this file from a source other
than Adobe, then your use, modification, or distribution of it
requires the prior written permission of Adobe.



- Defines AV_PREFERENCES, the list of AVAppPreferences.


/* **ER 1/31/96
** Do not ever add preferences to the middle of _t_APrefsType! Always append.
** If you are not certain that you understand our preferences system,
** find somebody who does who can help you.
Messing with the preferences
** can cause a lot of problems, some of which can be subtle and hard to find.
** Additionally, be sure to update AVExpt.h in the SDK so that plug-ins can
** see your changes.

/* Items which are declared AVS are either strings or structures, both
** of which require special handling when establishing defaults, etc.
** Also, any item marked AVS requires modifications to the preferences
** code on Mac. String items are stored in a separate record, and
** non-string items require some special handling in SetProcIndep.
** (We could avoid the later problem by separating AVS into two
** defines, one for structures which can be copied as-is and one
** for strings and other pointers. But not now.)

* AVP(a, b) does not quite cover all cases
* AVX(a, b) used only for avpShortMenus
* AVS(a, b) for prefs which are structures or strings
* initializing defaults needs to be special-cased
* AVU(a, b, c) used for obsolete preferences
* AVPSTR(a) used for char* strings
* AVPVOIDP(a) used for void* objects

** the original preference API. This section is for retaining backwards compatibility
** with the original API.
** Use AVAppSetPref___() and AVAppGetPref___() for new preferences.
** Ask someone if this isn't clear.

AVP(avpPrefsVersion, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpOpenDialogAtStartup, ASBool) \
AVP(avpShowSplashAtStartup, ASBool) \
AVP(avpShowToolBar, ASBool) \
AVP(avpRememberDialogs, ASBool) \
AVX(avpShortMenus, ASBool) /* omitted from AVPrefsRec, included in AVPrefsType */ \
AVP(avpDefaultOverviewType, PDPageMode) \
AVP(avpDefaultZoomScale, ASFixed) \
AVP(avpDefaultZoomType, AVZoomType) \
AVP(avpShowLargeImages, ASBool) \
AVP(avpGreekText, ASBool) \
AVP(avpGreekLevel, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpSubstituteFontType, PDSubstFontPref) \
AVP(avpDoCalibratedColor, ASBool) \
AVP(avpSkipWarnings, ASBool) \
AVP(avpPSLevel, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpShrinkToFit, ASBool) \
AVP(avpCaseSensitive, ASBool) \
AVP(avpWholeWords, ASBool) \
AVS(avpNoteColor, PDColorValueRec) \
AVPSTR(avpNoteLabel) /* MAX_NOTE_LABEL */ \
AVP(avpMaxThreadZoom, ASFixed) \
AVP(avpEnablePageCache, ASBool) \
AVS(avpFullScreenColor, PDColorValueRec) \
AVU(avpFullScrolling, ASBool, 1) /* AVU => obsolete */ \
AVP(avpMaxPageCacheZoom, ASFixed) \
AVP(avpMinPageCacheTicks, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpMaxPageCacheBytes, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpDrawMissingThumbs, ASBool) /* AVU => obsolete */ \
AVP(avpFullScreenChangeTimeDelay, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpFullScreenLoop, ASBool) \
AVP(avpThumbViewScale, ASFixed) \
AVP(avpThumbViewTimeout, ASInt32) \
AVPSTR(avpDestFitType) /* MAX_FIT_TYPE */ \
AVP(avpDestZoomInherit, ASBool) \
AVP(avpHighlightMode, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpDefaultSplitterPos, ASInt32) \
AVU(avpThreadIndicator, ASUns32, 2) /* AVU => obsolete */ \
AVP(avpMaxCosDocCache, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpPageUnits, PageUnitsType) \
AVPSTR(avpNoteFontName_Deprecated) /* MAX_FONT_NAME */ \
AVP(avpNoteFontSize_Deprecated, ASInt32) \
AVPSTR(avpRecentFile1) \
AVPSTR(avpRecentFile2) \
AVPSTR(avpRecentFile3) \
AVPSTR(avpRecentFile4) \
AVS(avpHighlightColor, PDColorValueRec) \
AVP(avpFullScreenUseTimer, ASBool) \
AVP(avpAntialiasText, ASBool) \
AVP(avpAntialiasLevel, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpPersistentCacheSize, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpPersistentCacheFolder, ASPathName) \
AVP(avpPageViewLayoutMode, PDLayoutMode) \
AVP(avpSaveAsLinearized, ASBool) \
AVP(avpMaxOpenDocuments, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpUseHostFont, ASBool) \
AVP(avpMarkHiddenPages, ASBool) /* DON'T SAVE TO DISK */ \
AVPSTR(avpFullScreenTransitionType) \
AVP(avpFullScreenClick, ASBool) \
AVP(avpFullScreenEscape, ASBool) \
AVP(avpFullScreenCursor, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpOpenInPlace, ASBool) \
AVP(avpShowHiddenAnnots, ASBool) /* DON'T SAVE TO DISK */ \
AVP(avpFullScreenUsePageTiming, ASBool) /* DON'T SAVE TO DISK */ \
AVP(avpDownloadEntireFile, ASBool) \
AVP(avpEmitHalftones, ASBool) \
AVP(avpShowMenuBar, ASBool) /* DON'T SAVE TO DISK */ \
AVP(avpIgnorePageClip, ASBool) \
AVP(avpMinimizeBookmarks, ASBool) \
AVP(avpShowAnnotSequence, ASBool) \
AVP(avpUseLogicalPageNumbers, ASBool) \
AVS(avpASExtensionDigCert, ASExtensionEncryptedDigitalCertificateRec) \
AVP(avpShowLeftToolBar, ASBool) \
AVP(avpAllowOpenFile, ASBool) \
AVPVOIDP(avpNoteLabelEncoding) \
AVP(avpBookmarkShowLocation, ASBool) \
AVP(avpUseLocalFonts, ASBool) \
AVPSTR(avpCurrCMM) \
AVP(avpBrowserIntegration, ASBool) \
AVP(avpBrowserCheck, ASBool) \
AVP(avpPrintAnnots, ASBool) \
AVP(avpSendFarEastFonts, ASBool) \
AVP(avpSuppressCSA, ASBool) \
AVP(avpAntialiasGraphics, ASBool) \
AVP(avpSecureOpenFile, ASBool) \
AVP(avpPaperSize, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpTrustedMode, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpTrustedModeOverride, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpShowUnixEula,ASBool) \
AVP(avpCMS, ASUns32) \
AVP(avpCMM, ASUns32) \
AVPSTR(avpWorkingRGB) \
AVPSTR(avpWorkingCMYK) \
AVPSTR(avpWorkingGray) \
AVP(avpBlackPointCompensation, ASBool) \
AVP(avpHostBasedCM, ASBool) \
AVP(avpAntialiasImages, ASBool) \
AVP(avpDoUpdate, ASBool) \
AVP(avpUpdateFrequency, ASUns32) \
AVP(avpShowUpdateDialog, ASBool) \
AVP(avpLastAcrobatUpdateCheck, ASUns32) \
AVP(avpDisableAcrobatUpdate, ASBool) \
AVPSTR(avpOverrideAcrobatUpdateURL) \
AVP(avpLastWebServicesUpdateCheck, ASUns32) \
AVP(avpDisableWebServicesUpdate, ASBool) \
AVP(avpEnableDDR, ASBool) \
AVP(avpColorArtifactRemoval, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpGamma, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpDirectDraw, ASBool) \
AVP(avpSaveVM, ASBool) \
AVPSTR(avpColorSettingsFile) \
AVPSTR(avpPrinterSpace) \
AVP(avpAccessColorPolicy, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpAccessOverrideDocColors, ASBool) \
AVS(avpAccessTextColor, PDColorValueRec) \
AVS(avpAccessBackgroundColor, PDColorValueRec) \
AVP(avpShowGrid, ASBool) \
AVP(avpSnapToGrid, ASBool) \
AVP(avpGridWidth, ASFixed) \
AVP(avpGridHeight, ASFixed) \
AVP(avpGridSubdivisions, ASInt32) \
AVS(avpGridColor, PDColorValueRec) \
AVP(avpGridHOffset, ASFixed) \
AVP(avpGridVOffset, ASFixed) \
AVS(avpGridMinorColor, PDColorValueRec)\
AVP(avpAllowByteRangeRequests, ASBool) \
AVP(avpUsingAreaBoxNames, ASBool) \
AVP(avpSoftProof, ASBool) \
AVP(avpEmitTileMarks, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpSlugs, ASBool) \
AVP(avpShowOverprint, ASBool) \
AVP(avpPrintOverprint, ASBool) \
AVP(avpNoteOpacity, ASFixed) \
AVP(avpProofInkBlack, ASBool) \
AVP(avpProofPaperWhite, ASBool) \
AVP(avpOptimizeForSpeed, ASBool) \
AVP(avpAccessPageMode, ASBool) \
AVP(avpAccessMaxDocModePages, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpShowTransparencyGrid, ASBool) \
AVP(avpHoveringPopups, ASBool) \
AVP(avpFullScreenMonitor, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpOpenNewDocument, ASBool) \
AVP(avpOpenAsPDFFilterIndex, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpSaveAsFilterIndex, ASInt32)\
AVP(avpHideTabsCompletely, ASBool)\
AVP(avpPrintUsingWorkingSpaces, ASBool)\
AVP(avpDisplayRightsDialog, ASBool) \
AVP(avpCacheFormData, ASBool) \
AVP(avpEmitPostScriptXObjects, ASBool) \
AVP(avpWrapLongBookmarks, ASBool) \
AVP(avpAccessReadOrderOverride, ASBool) \
AVP(avpAccessReadOrder, ASInt32) \
AVP(avpFullScreenIgnoreTrans, ASBool) \
AVP(avpUsePenForInput, ASBool) \
AVP(avpUseSysSetting, ASBool) \
AVP(avpPixelsPerInch, ASInt32)

** the original preference API. This section is for retaining backwards compatibility
** with the original API.
** Use AVAppSetPref___() and AVAppGetPref___() for new preferences.
** Ask someone if this isn't clear.

//== End of AVPrefsD.H

Lol. Really, who could understand your system if it's poorly documented. Come on.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Convert String^ to array<unsigned char,1>

Needed when using Write() method of IO::FileStream class

UTF8Encoding Class

Represents a UTF-8 encoding of Unicode characters.

Namespace: System.Text
Assembly: mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Speedtest Aug 23


Indexed Properties


Indexed properties

Indexed properties allow array like access on an object and there's also support for a default indexed property - essentially a nameless property which lets you directly use [] on the object. Below example features both named and default index properties. I believe C#ers call indexed properties as indexors so perhaps you might see these two words used interchangeably.

ref class R { private:     Hashtable^ h; public:     R()     {         h = gcnew Hashtable();     }      //Named property      property int Age[String^]     {     protected:         int get(String^ s)         {             if(h->ContainsKey(s))             {                 for each(DictionaryEntry de in h)                 {                     if(s->CompareTo(de.Key) == 0)                         return (int)de.Value;                 }             }             return 0;         }              void set(String^ s, int age)         {             h->Add(s,age);         }     }      //Default property      property int default[String^]     {         int get(String^ s)         {             return Age[s];         }          void set(String^ s, int age)         {             Age[s] = age;         }     }     };

It took me more than an hour to figure out what the extra parameter in the set() method of an indexed property. It turns out that it is the right hand term when you attempt to modify a property.


R SomeClass = gcnew R();
int RightHandTerm = 10;
String ^LeftHandTerm = "No Name";

SomeClass->Age[LeftHandTerm] = RightHandTerm; //assignment to property Age,
//Set() method will be called

then, the parameters in the set method set() method:

void set(String^ s, int age)
will correspond to: s=LeftHandTerm, age=RightHandTerm

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Export a dll with no headers


Why are people debugging the dll?
You all idiots, I told you the export names there is nothing to hack.

Looks to be in .NET, too, terrible language - why use this?
.Net isn't a language ffs. C++ .NET is and it isn't C++ .net at all - I code in dev. Idiot <_<

You a$sholes are so stupid I give you a bypass, tell you to change the export values - and you open the dll to try and take my bypass? I knew some ****** would do it which is why you need to do more than a memory dump to steal my bypass.
If there is someone out there who does want to make this and dosn't want to try and rob my bypass just to leech like a whore then ill tell you even simpler.
To the no brainer's, stop asking for hacks, waiting for a release like this, then find out your too dumb to change an export in C++.

code needed to read exports.
hDLL = LoadLibrary("BYPASSDLL");

if( hDLL == NULL )
MessageBox("Could not load Bypass.dll");
export = export * 2; // do this for each export

This will be patched soon, don't expect an update.
Some of you are too damn arrogant.

Attached file: GG_bypassrec.rar (Project WH)

Speedtest Aug 22

Wow. It doesn't get any better than this.

NOD32 URLMON.DLL coolezweb false detection

Were you hit by NOD32's false detections like me? One of NOD32's Aug 30 updates falsely detected urlmon.dll as a virus. I made NOD32 delete the it and after a restart, my IM's, IE, System Restore, and installers stopped working. I tried the solutions posted at :

But I had no success. I had to do a repair via Win XP CD to have my system up.

Just one file and it resulted to such disaster.

Is your ISP shaping your traffic?

« on: August 04, 2008, 07:40:48 PM »
Reply with quoteQuote

If you think your ISP is either throttling, rate shaping, or blocking your P2P or bittorrent usage, you might want to test your ISP. The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) has a relatively new tool out named "Switzerland" to test if your ISP is content neutral or if it is obeying the RIAA/MPAA/bigbusiness. I guess the tool is named after Switzerland for "content neutrality".

Switzerland P2P verification tool:
I found this post at bakabt.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Speedtest Aug 16

Looks like I'll be paying my bills again

Friday, August 14, 2009

Speedtest Aug 14

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Join and win a phone!

by (barny21)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Speedtest Aug 2

Speedtest for Aug. 2. 640kbps cap still intact.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Speedtest Jul 31

Today's speedtest failed. Upload fails to complete. Therefore, no results.

Internet Explorer 7/8 SDK

Apparently, there's no such thing as Internet Explorer (IE, IE8) SDK. There's only the Internet Explorer 8 headers and libraries. I also can't find headers and libraries for older versions.

The download link for the Internet Explorer 8 headers and libraries can be found at:

Speedtest Jul 30

Speedtest of SBW for Jul 30.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Starting today, I'll be keeping track of my speedtests so I'll have proof that Sun Cellular did not deliver what they promised.

SUN Wireless Broad Falsely Advertising 2 Mbps!

My broadband speed reduced to a wreck when June began. Websites needed to be refreshed several times before they load and http downloads reduced to a mere 20 kbytes/s. Sun Wireless Broadband's supposed strength: video streaming from sites like YouTube and MySpace, vanished into polluted Manila air, they'll often fail to stream completely. Uploads, even of files less than 10 kb of size will take forever and will fail 99/100 of the time.

I was getting frustrated so I decided to revisit the thread which I followed before I subscribed to this service. This thread at discusses issues about Sun broadband wireless, the 3G broadband solution offered by Sun Cellular. I was surprised by the uproar of the subscribers there. THE REASON? Sun Cellular capped the speeds to 640kbps, making their advertised speed of 2Mpbs virtually unattainable. They discovered this atrocity because a user named lightninglord2000 posted a software where you can find several infos about your wireless connection, these info include upload and download limits. This software is called MDMA, Mobile Data Monitoring Application, available through this website. His post about MDMA can be found here.

I myself tested how my connection is. MDMA did not need any installation and is packaged on a 30KB exe. Running it was infuriating, since I found out why a 10 KB file was a nightmare to upload:


You see that Uplink amount? A whopping 32 kbps. (that a small b so thats a bit, divide that amount by 8 to get the byte equivalent) What the heck is with that? a dial-up connection is gives more of a fight than my connection! And how can I achieve the advertised 2mbps connection if they limited my throughput to 640 kpbs?

So to SUN cellular, I suggest you get your act together because you are clearly insulting our intelligence with what your doing. Get it togethere, before it hits the fan.

.NET Questions - .NET SDK for IE7?

.NET Questions - .NET SDK for IE7?: ".NET SDK for IE7?
Is there a .NET SDK for IE7? Specifically, is it possible to use C# to create an add-in for IE7?

Thank you.
Programming IE7
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Deleting … Approving …

No .NET specific SDK, but yes, you can write Add-ons using .NET/C#. You will have to use Interop to communicate with IE7 COM interfaces, but it isn't too difficuly.

Google: 'browser helper object' c#

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Deleting … Approving …

This is totally discouraged by Microsoft. Use C++/ATL instead.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Deleting … Approving …

In general, using .NET to write addins for unmanaged apps is frowned upon, particularly on shared system stuff like the windows shell, installer, and IE.

The problem is that you're only allowed one CLR in the process, and the first addin that gets loaded chooses which CLR that is. So if the first addin needs .NET 1.1, and the second one needs .NET 3.5, the second one is screwed. But if you load them in the reverse order, it'll work - until the 1.1 addin does something that's no longer supported on 3.5. Ouch.

Office and Visual Studio do a lot of internal backflips to address this problem, so you can write managed addins for those apps.
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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Deleting … Approving …"


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