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Speedtest Aug 23


Indexed Properties


Indexed properties

Indexed properties allow array like access on an object and there's also support for a default indexed property - essentially a nameless property which lets you directly use [] on the object. Below example features both named and default index properties. I believe C#ers call indexed properties as indexors so perhaps you might see these two words used interchangeably.

ref class R { private:     Hashtable^ h; public:     R()     {         h = gcnew Hashtable();     }      //Named property      property int Age[String^]     {     protected:         int get(String^ s)         {             if(h->ContainsKey(s))             {                 for each(DictionaryEntry de in h)                 {                     if(s->CompareTo(de.Key) == 0)                         return (int)de.Value;                 }             }             return 0;         }              void set(String^ s, int age)         {             h->Add(s,age);         }     }      //Default property      property int default[String^]     {         int get(String^ s)         {             return Age[s];         }          void set(String^ s, int age)         {             Age[s] = age;         }     }     };

It took me more than an hour to figure out what the extra parameter in the set() method of an indexed property. It turns out that it is the right hand term when you attempt to modify a property.


R SomeClass = gcnew R();
int RightHandTerm = 10;
String ^LeftHandTerm = "No Name";

SomeClass->Age[LeftHandTerm] = RightHandTerm; //assignment to property Age,
//Set() method will be called

then, the parameters in the set method set() method:

void set(String^ s, int age)
will correspond to: s=LeftHandTerm, age=RightHandTerm

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Export a dll with no headers


Why are people debugging the dll?
You all idiots, I told you the export names there is nothing to hack.

Looks to be in .NET, too, terrible language - why use this?
.Net isn't a language ffs. C++ .NET is and it isn't C++ .net at all - I code in dev. Idiot <_<

You a$sholes are so stupid I give you a bypass, tell you to change the export values - and you open the dll to try and take my bypass? I knew some ****** would do it which is why you need to do more than a memory dump to steal my bypass.
If there is someone out there who does want to make this and dosn't want to try and rob my bypass just to leech like a whore then ill tell you even simpler.
To the no brainer's, stop asking for hacks, waiting for a release like this, then find out your too dumb to change an export in C++.

code needed to read exports.
hDLL = LoadLibrary("BYPASSDLL");

if( hDLL == NULL )
MessageBox("Could not load Bypass.dll");
export = export * 2; // do this for each export

This will be patched soon, don't expect an update.
Some of you are too damn arrogant.

Attached file: GG_bypassrec.rar (Project WH)

Speedtest Aug 22

Wow. It doesn't get any better than this.

NOD32 URLMON.DLL coolezweb false detection

Were you hit by NOD32's false detections like me? One of NOD32's Aug 30 updates falsely detected urlmon.dll as a virus. I made NOD32 delete the it and after a restart, my IM's, IE, System Restore, and installers stopped working. I tried the solutions posted at :

But I had no success. I had to do a repair via Win XP CD to have my system up.

Just one file and it resulted to such disaster.

Is your ISP shaping your traffic?

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If you think your ISP is either throttling, rate shaping, or blocking your P2P or bittorrent usage, you might want to test your ISP. The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) has a relatively new tool out named "Switzerland" to test if your ISP is content neutral or if it is obeying the RIAA/MPAA/bigbusiness. I guess the tool is named after Switzerland for "content neutrality".

Switzerland P2P verification tool:
I found this post at bakabt.

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Speedtest Aug 16

Looks like I'll be paying my bills again

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Join and win a phone!

by (barny21)

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Speedtest Aug 2

Speedtest for Aug. 2. 640kbps cap still intact.