Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mulan Character and Equipment texnums, vertices, primitives

(texnum==11800126)||// MULAN Left Boot
(texnum==12100180)||// MULAN Hands
(texnum==29900452)||// MULAN Legs
(texnum==12400126)||// MULAN Right Boot
(texnum==29500482)||// MULAN Chest
 (texnum==47400728)||// MULAN Head
(texnum==16000174)||// MULAN Battle Suit Arms
 (texnum==11600128)||// MULAN Battle Suit Boots
(texnum==39900532)||// MULAN Battle Suit Legs
(texnum==40200580)||// MULAN Battle Suit Chest
(texnum==16200200)||// MULAN Battle Cap
(texnum==12000188)||// MULAN Boonie Hat
 (texnum==16700276)||// MULAN Helmet
(texnum==10800198)||// MULAN Beret
(texnum==51200728)||// MULAN Gas Mask
 (texnum==79000881)||// MULAN Clan BDU #1
(texnum==900008)||// MULAN Clan BDU #2
 (texnum==61900800)||// MULAN Bulletproof Vest
(texnum==10200170)||// MULAN Elbow Protector
(texnum==12500102)||// MULAN Holster (texnum==7400098)||// MULAN Pouch

credits: sucrose, owner of

Lines from the movie "The Invasion"

The scene:

Carol (Kidman) is having a dinner with Ben (Craig) and his friends. A friend of Ben's, Yorish, started a conversation and they had a very interesting one. I just can't help but quote some of them.

"... A veneer of civility hides our true self-interests. "

" I say that civilization is an illusion,a game of pretend.
What is real is the fact that we arestill animals, driven by primal instincts. "

"To be honest, ambassador, when someone starts talking to me about the truth...

...I hear what they tell me about themselves...... more than what they say about the world."

" All I am saying is that civilization crumbles whenever we need it most.

In the right situation... we are all capable of the most terrible crimes.

To imagine a world where this was not so...
where every crisis did not result in new atrocities...

where every newspaper is not full of war and violence...

Well, this is to imagine a world where human beings cease to be... human. "

Carol's rebuttal:
"While I'll give you that we still retain some basic animal instincts... must admit we're not the same animal we were a few thousand years ago.
True. Read Piaget or Kohlberg... ...or Maslow, Graves, Wilber,
and you'll see we're still evolving. Our consciousness is changing.
Five hundred years ago, postmodern feminists didn't exist...
...yet one sits right beside you today.
While that fact may not undo all the terrible things that have been done in this world... least it gives me reason to believe one day things may be different. "

Ain't that nice? I think it's neat.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kernel Mode Hooking.

I want to hook SendInput in kernel mode. The reason for this is that SendInput in user mode is blocked by gameguard and I'm making a text macro for a gameguard protected game. I've tried doing a trampoline but no luck.

TAGS: sendinput, win32k.sys, kernel hooking

Thursday, October 22, 2009


If you care about about your data, they better not be in one place. "Set it and forget it" is a terrible philosophy.

It only takes a single second, some would argue a micro-second, to wipe an entire hard drive. Without the need for electromagnetic pulses or an indust