Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mulan Character and Equipment texnums, vertices, primitives

(texnum==11800126)||// MULAN Left Boot
(texnum==12100180)||// MULAN Hands
(texnum==29900452)||// MULAN Legs
(texnum==12400126)||// MULAN Right Boot
(texnum==29500482)||// MULAN Chest
 (texnum==47400728)||// MULAN Head
(texnum==16000174)||// MULAN Battle Suit Arms
 (texnum==11600128)||// MULAN Battle Suit Boots
(texnum==39900532)||// MULAN Battle Suit Legs
(texnum==40200580)||// MULAN Battle Suit Chest
(texnum==16200200)||// MULAN Battle Cap
(texnum==12000188)||// MULAN Boonie Hat
 (texnum==16700276)||// MULAN Helmet
(texnum==10800198)||// MULAN Beret
(texnum==51200728)||// MULAN Gas Mask
 (texnum==79000881)||// MULAN Clan BDU #1
(texnum==900008)||// MULAN Clan BDU #2
 (texnum==61900800)||// MULAN Bulletproof Vest
(texnum==10200170)||// MULAN Elbow Protector
(texnum==12500102)||// MULAN Holster (texnum==7400098)||// MULAN Pouch

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