Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Smart Bro Plan 999 now 1mpbs (formerly 512kbps)

Now that my crappy 250 kbps capped Sun Broadband Wireless is terminated, I'm looking for a new ISP. I was checking Smart Bro's website for their plans and guess what, their fixed wireless broadband (plan 999) is now burstable up to 1mbps! The last time I checked, at the beginning of August maybe, this plan only had a maximum burst speed of 512kbps only. Now that's a sweet deal if you know people near you are getting good service. Just remember, like any other ISPs, Smart bro has a few quirks and unsatisfied customers and it's wireless so be prepared. So it's always best to know a person who has hands-on experience as a basis whether an ISP delivers or not.

Really, I was disappointed with my former ISP, Sun Broadband Wireless. They were delivering 2mbps most of the time from January until the last week of May then it dropped to 640kbps(even off peak hours) then to 250 kpbs. That's really unacceptable since they are giving upload speeds of 350 kbps. Their throttling of the promised 2mbps down to 250kbps is simply absurd.

But, even if after the warning I gave yo and you're still really eager to get Sun Broadband Wireless, I suggest you read the feedbacks at then reconsider twice, then thrice.